I am a creative filmmaker and video editor. I write, direct and edit my own short film projects, and have also worked in corporate videography and as a video journalist.

Film Production

I was Associate Producer on the documentary feature film What Is Going to Happen Next (2021).The film showcases a curated selection of unrehearsed video responses to the title question, put to one person in every country around the world.

The film, directed by Matthew Nevin, emerged from a ten-year-long socially engaged project to capture opinions from all 203 sovereign states as defined by the United Nations. The documentary, which was completed in 2020, presents a curated selection of these participants. This film creates a global discussion that serves to highlight the diversity and complexity of humanity. 

The Film was shown at festivals including Barcelona International Film Festival, International Filmmaker Festival of New York, Kerry International Film Festival, London Arthouse Film Festival.


I have written, directed, shot and edited a number of my own short film projects, as well as working alongside a number of collaborators.

I have been twice shortlisted for the Ó BHÉAL POETRY FILM AWARD at IndieCork Film Festival. City Swans was nominated in 2018, while Impression, Canal was shortlisted in 2017.

To see more of my creative short film work please visit my Vimeo page.


I am available as a freelance videographer and video editor.

As a director and camera operator, I attempt to work alongside clients to combine their vision with my own vibrant visual style I’ve developed though my personal projects.

As an editor I try to bring passion and creative flair to everything I work on, no matter what the project. I edit on Adobe Premiere Pro, use Audition for sound editing and have some experience using After Effects too.

If you would like to hire me please get in touch now. I’m always happy to discuss any potential projects.